Group Companies

  • Race Management Solutions Inc.
Provides business support (sales channel development, overseas expansion, product development, production improvement, and other support) through leveraging the knowledge and networks of experienced executives and division managers from our listed companies

  • RAYNOS Inc.
Support for recruiting management personnel who will lead companies

  • RAYSUS Inc.
Web-based corporate branding and promotion support

  • mode Inc.
E-Commerce site design, operation, and marketing support

  • RAYNAS Inc.
Support for mobile technology-based promotion
Support for the recruitment of new graduates that form the core personnel in companies

  • Mrace co., ltd
M&A strategy formulation and overall M&A-related advisory services
Corporate value and business value evaluation and simulation service

Real estate utilization support, real estate sale and purchasing support, and studies and assessment for business administrators

  • Ronzan Inc.
Matching support service for company owners to meet with executive senior personnel with management experience in major and listed corporations