Group Companies

  • Mrace co., ltd
M&A strategy formulation and overall M&A-related advisory services
Corporate value and business value evaluation and simulation service

  • RAYNOS Inc.
Support for recruiting management personnel who will lead companies

  • RAYSUS Inc.
Web-based corporate branding and promotion support

  • mode Inc.
E-Commerce site design, operation, and marketing support

  • RAYNAS Inc.
Support for mobile technology-based promotion
Support for the recruitment of new graduates that form the core personnel in companies

  • Race Technologies Inc.
Support for DX (Digital Transformation) using RPA/AI/other technologies

Real estate utilization support, real estate sale and purchasing support, and studies and assessment for business administrators

  • Ronzan Inc.
Matching support service for company owners to meet with executive senior personnel with management experience in major and listed corporations